Transitioning from YA to New Adult

Over the past few months, I have been going through a phase I dubbed “The New Adult Experience”.

I picked up a book called Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas and I loved it! I spent most of my time reading it gasping and I was permanently in this position

After reading this book, I learned two things:
          1. It was not a young adult anything.
          2. I kind of like this genre. I want to read more.

This is how my “New Adult Experience” phase began and now I would like to give you a list of 5 books to assist you if you ever make the decision to transition…or if you pick up a book that you were told was YA only to read graphic sex scenes some chapters in. There are many sub-genres of New Adult but my experience has comprised of New Adult Romance. If you are an old adult, feel free to read these, as you have no qualms with reading Young Adult.

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Book Frankenstein!

Character Fitness Routines You Want:
Sunday, Monday, Happy Day! Tuesday, Wednesday, Top 5 Day! This Wednesday, our Top 5 discussion is about characters that possess attributes you would like to posses. In a way, we are kind of building Frankenstein, but with books!

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Ethnically Diverse Books…for the Horde!

Top 10 Books for Ethnic Diversity

Greetings and Salutations fellow Book THOTS! I am participating in Top 10 Tuesday for the first time ever!

Because I am new to this, my first Top 10 post will look more like a Top 5 post, (if you squint and turn your head to the side it may look like 10) but you will enjoy this anyway since you love me.

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Nikolai Leokov

Boy this Monday has been a doozy! It is getting better though because I have a great man crush Monday for you all.Allow me to introduce to you the half Mexican sexy piece of human being named; Nikolai Leokov. Continue reading

Second is Better!

Second is the Best:
We are halfway through the week! In celebration, allow me to share with you my list of series where the second book was better than the first! This is my Top 5 Wednesday post. Continue reading

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Greetings Book friends and peoples! I was tagged in a book tag by Ellyn and now I feel like a cool kid, thanks girl! There are rules to this tag, and we know I follow those well!

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Miles Henderson

What a delightful Monday! I hope everyone’s weekend went well. If your weekend sucked, not to worry. I will make not only your weekend better but you coming week as well. Allow me to introduce you to my literary man crush monday this week, Miles Henderson.

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Books I Hope to Read


Hi fellow Book THOTS! At the beginning of this summer, I said I was hoping to read 5 particular books. Thus far this summer, I have read 20 plus books and not one of those 5 books were included

In order to make up for this epic failure, I decided to make a more structured Hope to Read list. Now let us hope I actually follow it. This month I am attempting to participate in a few things. I am doing the August Book Bingo, I am also trying to Participate in Tome Topple Read-a-thon 4. Some of these books will intersect which will help me get these challenges done more efficiently. Hmmm…no more information to share
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I’d Live in There!

Book Covers You’d Live In:
Happy Hump Day fellow Book THOTS! We are half way through this week and we celebrate with a new Top 5 Wednesday. This week we are to choose a cover we would live in, I am going to guess it’s not just based on beauty because one can’t live off a beautiful cover alone. Continue reading

July Book Haul

July Book Haul

I said I was buying no books in July… issa fail. I bought 6 and received 1 as a gift. While I failed at not buying books, I bought less! This is going to be my excuse. Continue reading

Caden Banks

Oh it’s Monday, HAPPY DAY! You know, one would think picking a book boyfriend every week is easy, but it isn’t. There are so many literary men and so little time. After a long and arduous search, I finally settled on my man crush for this Monday; Caden Banks. Continue reading

Grey Worm


Monday is honestly the best day of the week. I mean honestly, what other day do you have to praise your man crush? Okay, Every day, but it doesn’t have a nice ring to it when you say “Daily Man Crush” like it doe when you say Man Crush Monday…speaking of a Man Crush Monday, Shall we Discuss Grey Worm? Continue reading

Linkin Park Tag

I am still new to the book blogging world so this is new to me. Today, Chester Bennington, of Linkin Park, was lost to suicide. To honor him and to find a light in the darkness of his passing, I decided to come up with the Linkin Park Tag. If someone has made this, that’s fine, I didn’t get my questions from them =D. Without further ado, I will begin my first ever original tag; The Linkin Park Tag. Continue reading

No Western World! (Maybe)

Top 5 Wednesday

Leaving the Western World:
Hello fellow Book THOTS! This week’s Top 5 Wednesday’s topic is about books that don’t take place in or aren’t inspired by the Western World. In other words, books that are not set in the United States or Europe. Hopefully I can introduce you to some new reads! Continue reading

Richard Connor Cobalt


It’s a rainy Monday today, and that is my favorite weather! It may not be raining for you but allow me to brighten your day further by introducing you to my newest Man Crush Monday. I have finally found a book boyfriend that can disrespect you and make you smile at the same time, his name is Richard Connor Cobalt. Continue reading

Mean Girls Tag

This book tag was originally created by Sarah-Jane from The Book Life.
I tagged myself in it when Carrie did it like the true bad ass I am.

In my head I have always been a Mean Girl, even if in reality nobody agrees. I just feel like it is a great feeling for people to raise their hands and one day say they too have been personally victimized by Isatta…goals, right?
Since the monkeys I know won’t let me be great and mean, like I am in my head, I will show my greatness here in this tag. Continue reading

Reading Material as a Child

Top 5 Wednesday
Children’s Books:
Greetings fellow Book THOTS! Today we shall be discussing my top 5 favorite children’s books. I had a hard time with this at first because I read a lot of chapter books as I child, but ultimately, I got it together! Continue reading

Rishi Patel


Yesterday was Sunday, today it I Monday….and we, we, we, we, we so, we so excited, we so excited

I am excited to introduce you all to my man crush for this Monday (drum roll please) Rishi Patel! Continue reading

What?!? No Romance?

Top 5 Wednesday
Books Without Romance:
Hello Fellow Book THOTS! I am hoping you are having a fantastic week thus far…if you aren’t it’s Hump Day so you are almost home free! This week’s T5W is about books that have no romance in it. Let us see if I can make it! Continue reading

Aiden Graves


Monday,Monday…so good to meeee. What has caused me to break out in song? Several things;
1. I am going bookshelf shopping in a couple of hours at Ikea
2. I have several new books on their way to me (this means I can post a tbr soon)
3. Most importantly It is Man Crush Monday!
I have a bad habit of picking out my MCM of the week, then I read something and just throw that book boyfriend to the side for my newer one, today’s mcm was chosen this same way. My MCM this week is Aiden Graves. Continue reading

June Book Haul

It’s a collection of books I was fortunate enough to buy because…minimum wage job. Anywho, I will be posting the books I have acquired this month (I took pictures of all except 1 because it is a double up). I purchased 17 books; 2 were from Owlcrate and 1 was from Uppercase. The 18th book was a book from my mommy. The rest of the books were purchased from either Amazon, or BookOutlet. I also had a mishap but I will explain further down…this means KEEP READING!
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Hate to Love

Top 5 Wednesday
Hate to Love Ships:
Greetings fellow Book THOTS! I made the assumption that this week’s T5W Topic is about either relationships we hate to love or relationships that transform from hate to love. I will be covering both in my top 5 list! Continue reading

Chuck Bass

It’s Monday! Man crush Monday, My men Monday, Many fine men Monday…okay maybe the last one was pushing it. It is time to share my many literary male crushes with you. I was thinking about who I would choose this week and decided to go with my blast from the past favorite book bad boy. While I am not one to swoon over bad boys, Chuck Bass is a cut above the rest. Continue reading

Unlikeable Heroines

Top 5 Wednesday
Favorite “Unlikeable” Heroines:
This top 5 Wednesday is about your favorite “unlikeable’ heroines. These are the heroines who are unliked in the book or by the masses. I only have a select few, so this week’s top 5 list is a top 3 list. Continue reading

My Number 1 MCM

Greetings this fine Monday! I have come to accompany your fine Monday with a Fine Man for today’s edition of Literary Man Crush Monday. So today, my blog is one month old

And to celebrate I have decided to introduce you all to my number 1 literary crush. He is my first book boyfriend and still is. I get a lot of judgments because people like to rain on my parade, but listen he is bae so you keep your evil thoughts to yourself! You don’t have to understand our love! Continue reading

Side Ships

Most of the time, the side relationships in novels are like side girlfriends or side boyfriends, the keep you distracted when your main is being frustrating. These side relationships kept me entertained when the main couple at times was pissing me off or there was no main relationship. Continue reading

Galen Vachon

Greetings this fine Monday! If you regularly follow my blog, then you know that today is the day for my Literary Man Crush Monday! If you do not regularly follow my blog YET, get it together! I have admitted before and will shamelessly admit again that I am an avid fan of all things Beverly Jenkins and it will come as no surprise to anyone that my MCM for this week is from one of her novels. This week, my literary MCM is Galen Vachon.


Book/Series: Indigo

Author: Beverly Jenkins

Name: Galen “Black Daniel” Vachon

Age Range: 33-35

Occupation: Free-er of slaves, Underground Railroad Expert Continue reading

Literary Man Crush Monday!

It is time for my Literary Man Crush Monday! On Mondays, I like to pay respect to the book heroes! No, not the person who saves the day in the book, (unless he’s cute) I am talking about the guy who makes me swoon! The reason I may be #foreveralone, the guy I read about and say hmm you are going to be my book boo! My Literary Man Crush for today is Colin Khoo.

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First Book-ish Rant

New York Times Best Seller? I’m not buying it.

The New York Times Best Sellers list is probably one of the most well known lists and most shopped list in the world (forgive me, I live in America so my spectrum may be small and misguided). Often times, people will ask/tell me “Have you read (insert book name here)? It’s supposed to be really good it’s on The New York Times Best Sellers list.” I have also had cases when I overhear people (I already told y’all I’m nosy.) saying “Oh this book is good because it was on The New York Times Best Sellers list.” These aforementioned people now irritate my entire soul.

I must confess that there were about 3 years in my life, where I could only buy a couple books at the end of every year and I did so by perusing NYTBS list. I did this because:
1. Broke was life.
2. I was reading significantly less, so my hand was not on the book pulse.
3. I did not actually know HOW to adequately use my Goodreads.
I used to get so excited about my book choices and would wait impatiently for them to arrive, but the end-result would ALWAYS be the same. Out of 2 books, I would hate 1 book and love the other. If I got more than 2 books I would only love 1 of the books I bought. For some reason though, I continued to do this for 3 years.
At some point, I came to the realization that TNYTBS list is ONLY about how many people have bought this book.
It literally means NOTHING ELSE. Before you ask what I thought it meant, I don’t know! I just know I read one book that was getting rave reviews (something else I no longer care about), it’s called All the Light We Can Not See. Everyone was going crazy talking about how great it is in the reviews and I believe it was number 2 on the list. Imagine my disappointment when I read this dang book and felt nothing. I literally put it down and thought to myself
Then, I finally got an epiphany! I need to stop shopping on that list because I don’t actually care to buy a book JUST BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE BOUGHT IT. The reason this list and those who pump this list irk my soul now is because it isn’t actually indicative of anything other than consumer patterns. There are books that a slew of people will say are bad and so many people will go and buy it just to see how bad it is, and because of this BOOM Best Seller. There are also some books that are good and words gets around and BOOM Best Seller. I am not telling anyone what to do with their pocket change. I just had to get this off my chest because I want those who haven’t reached my realization to get to it sooner than later. We make that list, it doesn’t make us. So why are we breaking our necks to buy books because it’s on the 2017 NYTBS List?

All Opinions are welcome on this rant/subject

Ciao Book THOTS!


Royal Raucous


Basic Overview:
Title: Conquer Me
Author: Geneva Lee
Pg. #s: 300
Book Format: E-Book
My Numeric Judgment: kasyno-internetowe-gwiazdy

                                                                ♦SPOILER ALERT♦
Royals keep royally huge secrets. Continue reading

A Royal Mess


Basic Overview:
Title: Command Me
Author: Geneva Lee
Pg. #s: 365
Book Format: E-Book
My Numeric Judgment:   images

                                                                            ♦SPOILER ALERT♦
The Royals can be quite rude. Continue reading