Saving the Game Cover Release

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Saving The Game

By Karen Frances

Release day: 10th November 2017

International goalkeeper Logan Walker has a reputation of being a bit of a bad boy off the pitch. He doesn’t do relationships, for a very good reason. For him, sex is sex. He has no room in his life for feelings, but is that about to change?

Lee MacKay has everything she could possibly want, except for one thing. Logan Walker. But she knew the rules of his game from the first night they met; just sex, no strings attached.

When Lee receives some life-changing news, it’s not just her world that changes. With her revelation, Logan is forced back to a time in the past he’d rather forget. When old demons resurface and threaten to drag him under, he has a choice to make. Will the ghosts of his past win, or can he save the game before it’s too late?

healthy living: friends in a disco having fun together

healthy living: friends in a disco having fun together

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Also available in the series

Playing The Game (A Beautiful Game Book 1)

Playing to Win (A Beautiful Game Book 2)

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Amazon US:

Playing the Field: A Beautiful Game novella

Amazon UK:

Amazon US:

About the Author

Karen Frances lives in Scotland with her husband of seventeen years and their five children. Her busy days include helping her husband manage their family business while coordinating their children’s sports and academic endeavors. She finds escape from the chaos of everyday life in good books, particularly stories of passionate romantic relationships. Her appreciation and passion for romance novels led her to write He’s Captured My Heart, a tale of contemporary erotic romance set in Scotland.

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Raimond Le Veq


It’s Monday! Wake up and shake it all off!! If you are unable to, allow me to give you some delicious caramel to feast your eyes on. My man crush this Monday is one of my new favorite Beverly Jenkins’ men Raimond Le Veq!
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Could We Go Somewhere Else?

Creepy Book Settings:

Greetings and Salutations this fine Wednesday!
I feel like everytime I see the word Wednesday, I should get a bottle of wine… I don’t know why. Any way, this Top 5 Wednesday topic is about creeptastic settings in books. My answers may be odd, but that shouldn’t surprise you at this point in our relationship…yes we are in one of those…Hi boo
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Hiding in the Open



Basic Overview:
Title: Hideaway (Devil’s Night #2)

Author: Penelope Douglas

Book Format: E-Book

My Numeric Judgment:

This book is not to be confused with the group that performed “What Is Love”. Continue reading

Kai Mori


Happy Monday Friends! Monday is a great day for anyone who stumbles onto this page because you get the privileged of getting a delicious Man Crush Monday! Am I objectifying men? Yes, yes I am.I recently read Penelope Douglas’s Hideaway (Review coming soon!) and now I love Kai even more! So, my MCM this week is Kai Mori.
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You Don’t REALLY Read.

Something has been seriously bothering my spirit. For those of you who don’t know, when my spirit is bothered, I feel the need to express myself. Sometimes it comes out nicely, other times it just comes out. We shall see how this one goes.

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On Wednesdays, We Talk Witches!

Books Featuring Witches:

Happy Hump day everybody! In this week’s Top 5 Wednesday post, we get to talk about witches. To make it better, we get to talk about witches in books. I will warn you that this week’s list contains some books that I own but haven’t read because they fit the list. Also because I am really trying to introduce you guys to different books.
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October: Please let Me Make It!

It’s a beautiful day for sharing a list of books I hope to read! Last month, I failed to read all the books I hoped to read. I left 3 incomplete. So this month, I am trying something a bit different. I am going to tackle my ARCs first, because…duh. Then…well, you’ll see!
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Gray Porter


Happy Monday Y’all! I have come with a present for you. That’s right, a new man crush Monday! I participated in the Boho Book Club and we read Almost by Anne Eliot. While reading it, I discovered my pervy attraction to young 18 year old was still a thing as we learned more about young Mr. Gray Porter.

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What Was That About Restriction?

I wasn’t actually expecting to get many books this month. I promise! What ended up happening was, I received gifts, won giveaways and ARCs and then spoiled myself a tad and 22 books later we have my September Book Haul! Don’t you shake your head at me, I held some restraint because I could have bought 2 copies of one book because the covers were different but I didn’t!
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Happy Birthday Ella Maise!

About 3 months ago, I happened into the world of New Adult Romance through Punk 57. After reading such a magnificent piece of work, and getting over my initial shock of realizing it was not a YA Fiction, I vowed to explore this genre more and find more books like Punk 57. 21 books later (Okay, more like 50 something books later), I have come to many realizations, the main ones being Punk 57 is more or less a one of a kind and quite a few New Adult authors enjoy pseudo-abusive men. I’m not judging.

I just found very little material that didn’t star a semi-abusive alpha male. This is the reason for the following letter. Ella Maise was the first author I read that had males with alpha personalities who inflicted absolutely no emotional, physical or mental abuse. Yeah, I know, I was shocked too. Without further ado, this is my open letter to Ella Maise and all authors like her. Continue reading

Booktube Made Me Do It

Books I Purchased/read Because Of Booktube:

OMG Y’all, I actually have 5 books for this Top 5 Wednesday post! Yes, I know you are proud of me because I am not being anti today! If you aren’t just pretend like you are, kthanks. This week’s top 5 Wednesday post is about the 5 books that booktube influenced you to read. I am going to be…myself and take it a step further by adding books that booktube made me buy/read. Continue reading

John Tucker


Is anyone else having a super groggy start to Monday? I don’t know what is going on with that today. Anyway, Hi guys! It’s time for Man Crush Monday! I actually had another MCM scheduled for today, but then I read The Goal and changed my mind. So, let me tell you about John Tucker….not this one though
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Sincerely, Over It




Basic Overview:
Title: Dear Delilah

Author: T. Bester

Book Format: E-Book

My Numeric Judgment:

This has nothing to do with the song “Hey There Delilah”. Continue reading

They Look Like This!

Favorite Fancasts:

Oh hey y’all! I did a thing today…I won’t call myself out this time. I will let you guys call me out…if you dare. So this week’s top 5 Wednesday is about posting actors/musicians/models/ whoever you feel best fits the role of a specific character. if my explanation makes no sense, just scroll on down and you will see what I mean! Continue reading

Elec O’Rourke


Hello! How are ya?!?! This is a late Man Crush Monday post!Now, in my defense, it is still Monday, so my lateness is not super late…it is more along the lines of tardy for the party. Anyway, now that we have located and pointed out the elephant in the blog, let me introduce you to Eelec, my man crush Monday…for this week!
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What Is It Even About?

Books Read w/o A Synopsis:

Greetings and Salutations! I told myself I can go a week without doing a T5W post and that was my plan. So there I was, cozy in bed feeling like I should be writing my Top 5 post…and now here I am!why was I not going to do it? I don’t know, I just like giving myself weird challenges and feeling like a bad ass when I do them. This week’s post is about books that contain a synopsis that are spoilers, don’t accurately explain what the book is about, or books that I picked up and ignored the synopsis all together. Continue reading




Basic Overview:

Author: Lisa Charleyboy

Book Format:E-Book

My Numeric Judgment:

Not your Pocahontas either.

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Brian Oliver


Happy Monday everyone! I have found a new song to release my madness to, so I am super hyper right now! I want you all to know that if you read my Happily Ever After Review then this comes as absolutely no shock to you. I stunted a whole book review just so I could gush over this man today. My Man Crush Monday this week is Brian Oliver!
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When Man Meets Beast



Basic Overview:
Title: Animal Graph

Author: M. Black

Book Format:E-Book

My Numeric Judgment:2f68c-32bstars2bout2bof2b5

If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a girl. Continue reading

Back To School!

Class based Books/Characters:
Welcome to this week’s top 5 Wedneday post! Some of you are returning back to school and I wanted to prepare you for this venture.For those of you who are like me and no longer have to make that journey, this will be list for all the classes you wish you could have taken! Continue reading



I have a new man crush Monday and boy is he an attractive one! I mean they all are, but you know what I mean. I found this delicious specimen being disrespectful and playing drunk in Flame in the Mist. While I wasn’t a fan of the story, I certainly was a fan of him. My MCM this week is Okami.
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September: I Hope I Read

Well Hello! It’s September already…1 more month til my birthday! This is not what I am supposed to be discussing, let me focus. Alright, this month I have a calendar and some other organizing things to keep me focused on what I need to read, so here is hoping I am actually able to stick to my TBR more.

I actualy did way better at completing last month’s TBR though, so…yeah
Now that I am done praising myself and telling you stuff you didn’t come here to read, let me show you my TBR.

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How I Choose My Books

Bienvenue à ma blog! I took french for four years just to say that, you proud? I was tagged by the lovely Nerd @ Nerd Narration to do this Tag. I always feel special when I get tagged in these things because it makes me feel like I have friends outside of the ones in my head.

I am unsure if this is a rule, but I will be featuring books I have yet to reference (This means no Crazy Rich Asians, ALTHOUGH YOU SHOULD READ IT!

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Book Haul: What Restriction Looks Like

August Book Haul

This past month, I went through many things so book buying was at the bottom of my list. I didn’t even get an Owl Crate, which hurt my feelings until I saw the box…then was okay, but something is better than nothing. So here is my “list” of books that I received. Continue reading

Favorite Bromances

Books I Read Before I Became a Book Blogger:
The sun will come out on Wednesday, we just had to hang on til this Wednesday…now there’s sun. Just thinking about, this Wednesday clears away flood waters and the doomsday…till there’s none. As you can read, I am excited. The rain is finally gone and even though there’s a lot of loss there is a lot of greatness that came from this past event. One of them being, you guys get to read my Top 5 Wednesday list about my favorite bromances. Continue reading

Flames Went Up in Flames


                                                                        Basic Overview:

Title: Flame in the Mist

Author: Renee Ahdieh

Book Format:Hardcover

My Numeric Judgment:2f68c-32bstars2bout2bof2b5

Just because there is smoke, doesn’t mean there’s fire. Continue reading


Hey Everyone!
I am sorry this is so delayed, I am currently in Houston. No, I haven’t floated away but between running outside to unclog our drain and staring out the window every time I hear sirens, I have been a tad bit distracted. I do have a man crush monday for you all though! I read a book that I hid form my goodreads friends because…judgments and my mcm came from there, his name is Toren (He has a full name but I don’t recall what it is.) Continue reading

Before I was a Book Blogger…

Books I Read Before I Became a Book Blogger:
It is Wednesday, which means it is the day where I make a short list based on whatever the guideline is on the Top 5 Wednesday post group. I wold give yo my usual excitedness and pep, but I am a sleep one today! So, you get no pep…you just get a list, and you are going to take it…please? Continue reading

Eli Grayson

Y’all, choosing a MCM is actually not an easy job! So today, I was here reading Made You Up by Francesca Zappia (review and buddy read commentary soon to come) and then I was like oh crap, I have to post my MCM. Then I realized my second problem, I did not plan out my blogs this week so I have no MCM! So I am thinking it over… I have to think it over because there are a lot of book men I love…anyway, I realize I never introduced you guys to my boo. Allow me to introduce you guys to Eli Grayson. Continue reading

Transitioning from YA to New Adult

Over the past few months, I have been going through a phase I dubbed “The New Adult Experience”.

I picked up a book called Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas and I loved it! I spent most of my time reading it gasping and I was permanently in this position

After reading this book, I learned two things:
          1. It was not a young adult anything.
          2. I kind of like this genre. I want to read more.

This is how my “New Adult Experience” phase began and now I would like to give you a list of 5 books to assist you if you ever make the decision to transition…or if you pick up a book that you were told was YA only to read graphic sex scenes some chapters in. There are many sub-genres of New Adult but my experience has comprised of New Adult Romance. If you are an old adult, feel free to read these, as you have no qualms with reading Young Adult.

Yes, I did call you old. Continue reading

Book Frankenstein!

Character Fitness Routines You Want:
Sunday, Monday, Happy Day! Tuesday, Wednesday, Top 5 Day! This Wednesday, our Top 5 discussion is about characters that possess attributes you would like to posses. In a way, we are kind of building Frankenstein, but with books!

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Ethnically Diverse Books…for the Horde!

Top 10 Books for Ethnic Diversity

Greetings and Salutations fellow Book THOTS! I am participating in Top 10 Tuesday for the first time ever!

Because I am new to this, my first Top 10 post will look more like a Top 5 post, (if you squint and turn your head to the side it may look like 10) but you will enjoy this anyway since you love me.

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Nikolai Leokov

Boy this Monday has been a doozy! It is getting better though because I have a great man crush Monday for you all.Allow me to introduce to you the half Mexican sexy piece of human being named; Nikolai Leokov. Continue reading

Second is Better!

Second is the Best:
We are halfway through the week! In celebration, allow me to share with you my list of series where the second book was better than the first! This is my Top 5 Wednesday post. Continue reading

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Greetings Book friends and peoples! I was tagged in a book tag by Ellyn and now I feel like a cool kid, thanks girl! There are rules to this tag, and we know I follow those well!

• Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
• Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
• Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
• List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog. Continue reading

Miles Henderson

What a delightful Monday! I hope everyone’s weekend went well. If your weekend sucked, not to worry. I will make not only your weekend better but you coming week as well. Allow me to introduce you to my literary man crush monday this week, Miles Henderson.

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First Book-ish Rant

New York Times Best Seller? I’m not buying it.

The New York Times Best Sellers list is probably one of the most well known lists and most shopped list in the world (forgive me, I live in America so my spectrum may be small and misguided). Often times, people will ask/tell me “Have you read (insert book name here)? It’s supposed to be really good it’s on The New York Times Best Sellers list.” I have also had cases when I overhear people (I already told y’all I’m nosy.) saying “Oh this book is good because it was on The New York Times Best Sellers list.” These aforementioned people now irritate my entire soul.

I must confess that there were about 3 years in my life, where I could only buy a couple books at the end of every year and I did so by perusing NYTBS list. I did this because:
1. Broke was life.
2. I was reading significantly less, so my hand was not on the book pulse.
3. I did not actually know HOW to adequately use my Goodreads.
I used to get so excited about my book choices and would wait impatiently for them to arrive, but the end-result would ALWAYS be the same. Out of 2 books, I would hate 1 book and love the other. If I got more than 2 books I would only love 1 of the books I bought. For some reason though, I continued to do this for 3 years.
At some point, I came to the realization that TNYTBS list is ONLY about how many people have bought this book.
It literally means NOTHING ELSE. Before you ask what I thought it meant, I don’t know! I just know I read one book that was getting rave reviews (something else I no longer care about), it’s called All the Light We Can Not See. Everyone was going crazy talking about how great it is in the reviews and I believe it was number 2 on the list. Imagine my disappointment when I read this dang book and felt nothing. I literally put it down and thought to myself
Then, I finally got an epiphany! I need to stop shopping on that list because I don’t actually care to buy a book JUST BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE BOUGHT IT. The reason this list and those who pump this list irk my soul now is because it isn’t actually indicative of anything other than consumer patterns. There are books that a slew of people will say are bad and so many people will go and buy it just to see how bad it is, and because of this BOOM Best Seller. There are also some books that are good and words gets around and BOOM Best Seller. I am not telling anyone what to do with their pocket change. I just had to get this off my chest because I want those who haven’t reached my realization to get to it sooner than later. We make that list, it doesn’t make us. So why are we breaking our necks to buy books because it’s on the 2017 NYTBS List?

All Opinions are welcome on this rant/subject

Ciao Book THOTS!