Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Isatta. I started this blog because I am the abominable book girl, literally. Every time I read a book, I get so excited to discuss it and share how I feel about it and without fail my friends and family almost always roll their eyes and walk off. This blog is my outlet to share my love of books into the blogosphere in hopes of it reaching other people who care about books the way I care about books. When I am not obsessing over a book, or several books, I can be found curled up in someone’s corner listening to a variety of music or binge watching Daria, Bob’s burgers or King of the Hill (just depends on my mood that day).

Genres I Enjoy this year:

  • Contemporary
  • Fantasy
  • Beverly Jenkins (Shut up, it’s a genre if I say it is)
  • New Adult
  • Graphic Novels


Genres I Will Kick Someone For Suggesting:

  • Horror
  • Self-Help