In October, We Read Black!

Woah! I accidentally stumbled across my own blog and decided to do things I created this blog for…like BLOG!
I figure the easiest and best way to begin this journey is by posting my TBR (List of books that I would like to read this month). I have six books that I intend to complete this month*!

october tbr
Most of the books I chose are either dark fantasies or mysteries because October. I also chose one romance because Beverly Jenkins is life!

What books are on your TBR this month? Did you choose your books based on the season or based on your mood?

Ciao Book Monsters!

*You and I bot know that this list is subject to change and I very well may not complete this list of books. As a matter of fact, I may read one of these books and toss the rest of the list and go in the direction of mood reading. I warned you!

13 thoughts on “In October, We Read Black!

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  1. I usually don’t have monthly tbr because I most of the time base my next read on my mood. 😂 But Nevernight is on my tbr too! I just don’t know when will I read it. I hope these will all be good reads for you!

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  2. I tried creating a TBR last month, Epic fail…lol I read only one book from the actual list. Hopefully you do better than I do.


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