Happy Birthday Ella Maise!

About 3 months ago, I happened into the world of New Adult Romance through Punk 57. After reading such a magnificent piece of work, and getting over my initial shock of realizing it was not a YA Fiction, I vowed to explore this genre more and find more books like Punk 57. 21 books later (Okay, more like 50 something books later), I have come to many realizations, the main ones being Punk 57 is more or less a one of a kind and quite a few New Adult authors enjoy pseudo-abusive men. I’m not judging.

I just found very little material that didn’t star a semi-abusive alpha male. This is the reason for the following letter. Ella Maise was the first author I read that had males with alpha personalities who inflicted absolutely no emotional, physical or mental abuse. Yeah, I know, I was shocked too. Without further ado, this is my open letter to Ella Maise and all authors like her.

Dear Ella Maise,
Consider this my fan girl letter.
After reading To Love Jason Thorn and To Hate Adam Connor,
Ella Maise Book Covers
I am convinced that you are:
1. Hilarious
2. My spirit animal in all things dry humor
3. The crush-turned-love romance whisperer
a. It wasn’t a thing but I just made it one
I love to think I am your average love hating individual. The girl who walks around saying things like “I am just going to love my books because men bore me.” I kid you not; I was the girl who refused to wear pink or red on valentine’s day and told people “Happy Naked Baby’s Day” in order to be anti. So imagine my absolute horror when I read your books (I know you have more but I have only had the chance to read two thus far) and I swooned. I felt like the Grinch when his heart grew to normal size, as I read about Jason and Olive’s first kiss.
Jason Thorn Quote
I was also an absolute mess when Lucy told herself
Adam Connor Quote
Thanks to you Ms. Maise, I am now sitting here waiting for my childhood crush, Justin Randall Timberlake to move next door so I can peep in his backyard and then we can fall in love. I know it is only a matter of time before this happens for me so I will keep hope alive. I love that your book allows people to dream. I feel like this is something missing in quite a few books now (Everybody hold your tomatoes and your boos and disagreements), while books in themselves are an escape from reality, I find more books about the non tamed bad ass who is only not an ass to his girl than I do about childhood crushes growing into more, or crushes turning into strong dislike turning into love.
I am so appreciative of you being a writer because without you I would just continue to maneuver through life like Daria without Trent. In all seriousness, both of these books brought out my inner little girl (I know this sounds weird considering the sex scenes, but work with me here). They reminded me of my days spent mooning over Justin Timberlake, or whatever guy I thought was so cute at the time and that made me smile. Your books have a whimsical nostalgic aura about them and to be able to give someone that feeling is a true talent.
The Abominable Book Girl.

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