Elec O’Rourke


Hello! How are ya?!?! This is a late Man Crush Monday post!Now, in my defense, it is still Monday, so my lateness is not super late…it is more along the lines of tardy for the party. Anyway, now that we have located and pointed out the elephant in the blog, let me introduce you to Eelec, my man crush Monday…for this week!

       Book/Series: Step Brother Dearest

Author: Penelope Ward

Name: Elec O’Rourke

Age Range: 26

Occupation: Photographer

Likes: traveling, smoking, music

Dislikes: his father




What makes him attractive:
Now kids, smoking is very bad for you. 9 times out of 10, frolicking with your step brother may also be bad for you, this depends on your family dynamic though but I am not judging! Now if your name is Elec, you can smoke as many of the clove cigarettes you want to because it will just add to your appeal to me! Elec is your typical misunderstood bad boy with daddy problem, but has a heart of gold. I loved the playfuness that he had with Greta. it was touching because through everything he was dealing with, he still had a very soft spot for Greta…eventually. I realize this is one of the few bad boys that I have a thing for, but this is because he isn’t just a regular ole dickhead!

Have you chosen a literary MCM for this week? Who is it and why?

Ciao Book THOTS!

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  1. He’s a cutie, but he looks a little too “young puppyish.” And honestly, if you wanted to post MCM on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday, I wouldn’t mind 🙂

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