They Look Like This!

Favorite Fancasts:

Oh hey y’all! I did a thing today…I won’t call myself out this time. I will let you guys call me out…if you dare. So this week’s top 5 Wednesday is about posting actors/musicians/models/ whoever you feel best fits the role of a specific character. if my explanation makes no sense, just scroll on down and you will see what I mean! Continue reading


Elec O’Rourke


Hello! How are ya?!?! This is a late Man Crush Monday post!Now, in my defense, it is still Monday, so my lateness is not super late…it is more along the lines of tardy for the party. Anyway, now that we have located and pointed out the elephant in the blog, let me introduce you to Eelec, my man crush Monday…for this week!
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What Is It Even About?

Books Read w/o A Synopsis:

Greetings and Salutations! I told myself I can go a week without doing a T5W post and that was my plan. So there I was, cozy in bed feeling like I should be writing my Top 5 post…and now here I am!why was I not going to do it? I don’t know, I just like giving myself weird challenges and feeling like a bad ass when I do them. This week’s post is about books that contain a synopsis that are spoilers, don’t accurately explain what the book is about, or books that I picked up and ignored the synopsis all together. Continue reading




Basic Overview:

Author: Lisa Charleyboy

Book Format:E-Book

My Numeric Judgment:

Not your Pocahontas either.

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Brian Oliver


Happy Monday everyone! I have found a new song to release my madness to, so I am super hyper right now! I want you all to know that if you read my Happily Ever After Review then this comes as absolutely no shock to you. I stunted a whole book review just so I could gush over this man today. My Man Crush Monday this week is Brian Oliver!
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