Why Am I Reading This?

Greetings Fellow Book THOTS!

I have a pain in my heart that I must share with you all. I have a bad habit of reading books, that I know are absolute trash!

I can not be the only person with this problem, so please tell me in the comments if you are guilty of this as well. Let me paint you all a picture. I go to a bookstore, okay let me not lie I go to Book Outlet and Amazon, I see a list of great books that I want to buy. Do I pick them up?

Well, eventually yes. But first, I scan the extremely cheap books that make me cringe when I see the cover. Then, I hypocritically* think to myself “Never judge a book by its cover.” to justify my utter and complete foolishness. Then I choose very raunchy books with terribly cheesy summaries and then just tell myself

Then I begin reading…this is where the problem usually begins. Now, before anyone comes to fight me, this does not apply to all my raunchy reads. I also openly admit this is a problem of mine that I just seem to be unable and unwilling to rectify. I just can not help but read these books with Solomon Grundy love and semi-abusive men.

The Heaven help me if it is a series, I will continue reading the series! Mind you, I will talk shit the entire time I am reading! I really just need someone to rub my back, hold my hand, look me in the eyes and shout at the top of their lungs

* I judge my covers. Not sorry.

What are your guilty book pleasures? What are some books you casually avoid telling people you have read?

Ciao Book THOTS!

23 thoughts on “Why Am I Reading This?

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  1. So true!!! Trashy novels are sometimes just the right thing.;-) Don’t worry – we’ve all been there. I like smut, and sometimes that’s all I want to read. I couldn’t even recommend them that’s how bad they are. 🤣

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  2. I love a good trashy novel here and there, it reminds me of my 20’s. I was a mess. You are not alone. People judge too much anyways. Sometimes a good smut read is the perfect book filler. You read that one before heading on to something else. I get ya!!!

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  3. I usually try to stay away from trashy novels, but they sometimes slip through the cracks. Not that that is ever a bad thing! Sometimes a trashy novel is the most interesting.

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  4. I usually try to avoid books if I don’t think I will enjoy them. I always feel guilty if I start a book and don’t finish it because I can’t get into it. Plus, I hate writing negative reviews even though they are inevitable, because we aren’t going to like every single book we read.

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  5. My elderly Bible banging mother would call the books I read trash and smut. I don’t read erotica but I do read women’s fiction. Of course, she thinks I already going to hell for drinking wine – might as well enjoy myself while I slurp 😉

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    1. Rofl! I actually actively hide my smut from my mother based on how bad the cover is. I do enjoy myself in sin, it’s just sometimes I get so caught up in the romance world, I forget I have other books to read.


  6. I call these kinds of books “bubble gum reading” I don’t chew gum for the most part, but when I do it’s fun to get bubble gum. I go through phases with smut books, but when I’m on a roll, I’ll read like 20 of them one after the other.

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