Tell Me How You Really Feel?

As promised, Below will be a questionnaire on how The Reader’s Bay and I REALLY FELT felt about Made You Up. As you can see, she was not a fan of the book and I loved it. We still get along though, lol. This does contain spoilers, so if you have NOT read the book I WARNED YOU!
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Favorite Bromances

Books I Read Before I Became a Book Blogger:
The sun will come out on Wednesday, we just had to hang on til this Wednesday…now there’s sun. Just thinking about, this Wednesday clears away flood waters and the doomsday…till there’s none. As you can read, I am excited. The rain is finally gone and even though there’s a lot of loss there is a lot of greatness that came from this past event. One of them being, you guys get to read my Top 5 Wednesday list about my favorite bromances. Continue reading

Flames Went Up in Flames


                                                                        Basic Overview:

Title: Flame in the Mist

Author: Renee Ahdieh

Book Format:Hardcover

My Numeric Judgment:2f68c-32bstars2bout2bof2b5

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Hey Everyone!
I am sorry this is so delayed, I am currently in Houston. No, I haven’t floated away but between running outside to unclog our drain and staring out the window every time I hear sirens, I have been a tad bit distracted. I do have a man crush monday for you all though! I read a book that I hid form my goodreads friends because…judgments and my mcm came from there, his name is Toren (He has a full name but I don’t recall what it is.) Continue reading

Before I was a Book Blogger…

Books I Read Before I Became a Book Blogger:
It is Wednesday, which means it is the day where I make a short list based on whatever the guideline is on the Top 5 Wednesday post group. I wold give yo my usual excitedness and pep, but I am a sleep one today! So, you get no pep…you just get a list, and you are going to take it…please? Continue reading

Eli Grayson

Y’all, choosing a MCM is actually not an easy job! So today, I was here reading Made You Up by Francesca Zappia (review and buddy read commentary soon to come) and then I was like oh crap, I have to post my MCM. Then I realized my second problem, I did not plan out my blogs this week so I have no MCM! So I am thinking it over… I have to think it over because there are a lot of book men I love…anyway, I realize I never introduced you guys to my boo. Allow me to introduce you guys to Eli Grayson. Continue reading