Caden Banks

Oh it’s Monday, HAPPY DAY! You know, one would think picking a book boyfriend every week is easy, but it isn’t. There are so many literary men and so little time. After a long and arduous search, I finally settled on my man crush for this Monday; Caden Banks. Continue reading


Grey Worm


Monday is honestly the best day of the week. I mean honestly, what other day do you have to praise your man crush? Okay, Every day, but it doesn’t have a nice ring to it when you say “Daily Man Crush” like it doe when you say Man Crush Monday…speaking of a Man Crush Monday, Shall we Discuss Grey Worm? Continue reading

Linkin Park Tag

I am still new to the book blogging world so this is new to me. Today, Chester Bennington, of Linkin Park, was lost to suicide. To honor him and to find a light in the darkness of his passing, I decided to come up with the Linkin Park Tag. If someone has made this, that’s fine, I didn’t get my questions from them =D. Without further ado, I will begin my first ever original tag; The Linkin Park Tag. Continue reading

No Western World! (Maybe)

Top 5 Wednesday

Leaving the Western World:
Hello fellow Book THOTS! This week’s Top 5 Wednesday’s topic is about books that don’t take place in or aren’t inspired by the Western World. In other words, books that are not set in the United States or Europe. Hopefully I can introduce you to some new reads! Continue reading